Reintroducing the Gentleman

Hey Lovelies,

This week I am talking to my Gentlemen about updating their style so ladies, if there’s a guy in your life pass these gems along!  Being well dressed is a form of manners.  Truth. Being well dressed doesn’t mean always a being in a suit or wearing too tight clothes. It does mean dressing well consistently, relevant to the person you are, and your environment. Below are some tips to step up your dress game and yes you can thank me later.

Fit Is King

Most men wear their clothes waaayyyyyy too big. Case in point. In the left photo, the shoulders are too wide, the sleeves are too long, the pants are dragging and sagging and the shoes look like boats. The photo in the right is a perfect fit. This is a man going places!  In the next photo the shirt could double as a parachute, the pants are pleated which makes his thighs look heavier than they are, and the tie is too wide. On the right photo, it’s perfect with a fitted shirt, flat front slacks and a skinny tie. Ditto for the third example.  Bottom line guys, fit matters.  Get it together!

Add Color
And I don’t mean blue, which is always the go to. Yes men can wear purple, pink and red. Just not all at once.  Pick a theme and then select your tie, pocket square and socks to complement the look. And always match your belt to your shoes.

Accessories Are Details That Matter

Guys have it a little easier than ladies in this category. A tie, belt, shoes, socks and a pocket square complete your look. Bonus points for a great watch, suspenders, tie or lapel pin and jewelry (no Mr. T’s thank you very much) This is where you set your set apart from the wolf pack, and women notice.

Upgrade Your Summer Suit

There’s plenty of reasons to lighten up in the summer, the weather, weddings and travel. Just remember when you lighten up the suit color, the shoes need to lighten up too.  No black or dark hues with white or beige suits.

Beige Suit

White Suit
Khaki Suit

Keep It Clean Guys

I always admire a man who understands the importance of being well groomed. Clean doesn’t alway mean no facial hair, it means keep it maintained. Bonus points for a cool haircut.

Great Grooming
Great Beard
Javier Bardem

Mind Your Outerwear

What’s the point of having a great look without completing it? Every guy needs a statement coat, it just says something about who he is and where he’s going.  Bonus points for a great color!

Awesome Orange Coat
Arthur Kulkuv Looking Fantastic in a Pea Coat

To Tux or Not

Every guy needs a great fitting tux in his closet and no, not a rental, your own.
Trust me on this.
Blue Velvet Tux

Formal White Tux

Classic Black Tux

Oxfords Not Brogues

Too many guys neglect their shoe game, to their detriment. Men’s shoes can last forever if properly cared for and tended.  Good thing the style don’t change as often as women.  Most men only need four pairs: a Classic Dress Shoe, a Brogue, a Loafer and a Cool Sneaker.

Blue Brogues

Men's Shoes

Awesome Wing Tips

Will Smith Casual Style

Casual Done Right

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who knows his casual look and wears it well. Another tip for ya, after 25, no crazy t shirts please, it screams I’m 12. and you don’t want to be that dude. Ever.

Casual Style
Casual Style
Stylish Gentleman
Casual Style

Age Is Mind Over Matter, If You Don’t Mind, It Don’t Matter

Style is ageless. I love to see a man age well, like fine wine. These guys are experts at it.

Stylish Gentleman wearing Stripes

Stylish Gentleman wearing all black
Stylish Gentleman

Well that’s all I have for you today my fashion friends. If you’re ready up your style game you can reach me on, visit the website or if you can’t wait to get started you can call me on 703-629-0605.  Thanks for letting me have a few minutes of your day, it was truly my pleasure.

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