Let Me Tell You The Best Places To Dress Up In Paris

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Sometimes the best thing about fashion can be where you flaunt it. This was demonstrated in fact by this site’s previous look at some of the inspired looks of the Met Gala. Something about high-end fashion at an exclusive event or a beautiful venue makes the very idea of dressing up that much more special.

This can be particularly true in the world’s great cities. In such cities, there is almost just an expectation that people will be more fashionable, and there are more venues where high fashion is not only accepted but encouraged (or occasionally required). And there may not be any city on Earth in which all of this is more true than it is in Paris, France, So in this piece, I want to identify some of the best places in the “City of Lights” to dress your very best!

Le Bar du Plaza d’Athénée

Built into a facility that’s been in place since 1911, and awarded a prize for “Best Bar Experience” in 2007, Le Bar du Plaza d’Athénée is a gorgeous and unique place for a cocktail. It’s frequented by local elites and curious travelers alike and makes for a comfortable, high-class bar experience with just a touch of pleasant strangeness that keeps it from feeling too exclusive. You don’t necessarily have to go to Le Bar in fancy attire, but it’s certainly a place where you can get away with pulling out all the stops from your wardrobe.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Firmly entrenched as one of Paris’s most luxurious restaurants, Guy Savoy isn’t just famous on the culinary scene in France – it’s known to foodies all over the world. Most who have either been or are aware of the restaurant would contend that you can go there expecting to have one of the finest dining experiences of your life. It’s actually not a place that oozes luxury as much as you might expect given this reputation, but it’s still very classy in a somewhat understated way – almost as if you’re dining in a part of someone’s private mansion rather than a traditional restaurant. Needless to say, though the exclusivity of the experience calls for a certain level of style, and you can absolutely feel free to have fun with it if you’re going.

Palais Garnier

Getting away from bars and restaurants, you might also consider some local theater venues and the like as nice places to dress up. And you’d certainly have to include Palais Garnier among them. This is a massive, gorgeous opera house that was built beginning in 1861, and which still shows live performances today. You’re probably familiar with the general idea of dressing nicely for a night out at a theater, opera, or symphony, and you can embrace this idea to the fullest extent for an evening at Palais Garnier. A mere look at the opera house’s facade will make you want to go shopping for a stunning new outfit before you attend.

Paris Elysées Club

Paris Elysées Club is another option that doesn’t fall under the drinking and dining category specifically. Rather, it’s a casino. It’s increasingly rare these days for people to look for venues like this for a night out. Around much of Europe, most would just as easily look to the online slot sites of the UK for a quicker and easier game, or even simply download a casino app to satisfy the itch to play a few hands of blackjack. Big city casinos are often an ideal place for elegant nights out where they still exist though, and Paris Elysées Club happens to be another excellent option if you’re looking to dress up. It’s a pretty, intimate, modern casino geared toward card gaming, but also set up with its own bar and lounge area.

Bar 228

Bar 228 at Le Meurice actually has a sort of ominous history to it. It was at this very hotel that the Nazis occupying France during World War II sometimes stayed. Now, however, it’s a peaceful, wonderful place for a drink out, and a bar that looks unlike any you’ve ever sipped a cocktail in. High, painted ceilings, lamps above each table, and large mirrors above the bar counter all combine to make it look more like a movie set than a real-life bar. It’s exactly the sort of place you want to look your absolute best in.

Well that’s all I have for today Lovelies, let me know what you think and if you have any other places to add.



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