Meet Kara

Kara Allan

Kara Allan is a sought after Personal and Business Branding Stylist. Kara dresses you to express who you truly are so you will feel confident and powerful in your skin.

Kara starts with identifying your unique body type, advises you where to shop, and what items to add to your wardrobe.

This builds your confidence by having clothes that you love, fits you well, and supports your lifestyle. Everyone desires to look and feel great without having to think too hard or spend too much time doing it even if they aren’t aware of it.

Kara learned so much about style and how to help clients look and feel their best. It has been the experience of a lifetime. She will have you learn in a few months what it took her 20 plus years about style, dressing your body, and letting your personality shine.

Kara had the honor of training with Stacy London, Iconic American Stylist and Former Editor of Vogue Magazine, One of the Stars of the Makeover TV Show “What Not to Wear” and “Love, Lust or Run and Carla Mathis, one of only twenty Certified Image Masters of the Association of Image Consultants International, the official trade association of Image Consultants.

Contact Kara at 703-629-0605 or email at Let’s get started changing your life by changing your wardrobe!

Yours in Style,


Kara Allan