How My Ladies Can Travel in Style

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I recently went on a trip to Mumbai, India to complete a Leadership Program in September.  When I researched the flights and found out it was 15 hours, I almost died. What the hell can you do on a plane for 15 hours full of coughing, snoring, complaining strangers? Well, I brought lots of books, music and consumed quite a bit of Baileys to pass the time. I wanted to pass on some tips about how to be comfortable on a long flight like this so I compiled I list of travel essentials for you, you’ll thank me later.

Warm Comfy Pajamas or Track Suit – It’s incredibly cold on most of these flights and if you aren’t prepared you will be suffering.  I love this tracksuit from PeaceLoveWorld.  It’s stylish, warm, and comfy.  And it’s on sale!  Get the Top and Bottom for $80 total. Win, Win, Win, and Win. I also like this Dreamy Pajama Set for $60  from the same site.  I wore the same one for my trip.

Peace Love World Mia Jacket

Peace Love World Mia Cargo Pant

Peace Love World Dreamy Set

2. A Blanket and Slippers –  Yes the airline gives you a blanket that is supposedly clean in a wrapped package but ehhhhh I would rather have my own. I love these slippers you can find them on Amazon for $12-$15. I have a bit of a Skull Fetish so I love this Marlo Lorenz Skull Blanket which I carried the black one on board with me. I purchased it from Home Goods and you can get it from Amazon for $55.

3. Organization for all your stuff – I love a cute Passport Cover that says you’re a travel extraordinaire. Also, you need something to wrangle all your cords and charging pads, etc.  These are all chic, practical cases to keep all your crap together. Oh, and every girl needs an eye mask. Click on each product for the link to buy.

4. Hydration.
– I loooooove Evian’s Spray because you can get so dry and cakey on a flight. This light mist will help you feel refreshed. Amazon offers a two-pack for $15. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle is so freakin cool!!! It tracks water intake & glows to remind you to stay hydrated.  Buy some water after you get through security and fill it up!! Get this gem on Amazon $45.

5. A Fab Dress to Glide on and Off the Plane –  A love a wrap dress, it looks fab on any woman, any body type, any age. Choose a color/pattern that flatters your skin tone. It travels well, no wrinkles, and looks chic always. My choices from Amazon, Zattacas, VivicastleChallyhope.

Well, that’s all I have for today my lovelies, I hope this was helpful to you.  Give me a shout and let me know if you have any travel favs and pictures of yourself in yours! Hit me up at or on my website or on Twitter @KaraAllan.

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