Random Thoughts

My Fabulous Life

I am living an amazing life, met some cool people, and enjoyed every moment. I’ll be sharing some of these moments here so check back to relive these times with me!

Dream/Love Circa 2002

You had to have been living under a rock not to have been to or heard of Marc Barnes legend of a nightclub. Anyone who was anyone came through these doors including President Bill Clinton.  Every night thousands of people came to eat, dance, and get busy. It was an modern day Studio 54.  Check out my gallery of some of the people I ran into on a nightly/weekly basis.

DC is the Place to Be

I have lived in the Washington, DC area for 44 years. It’s home to Congress, the White House and some of the coolest parties in town. There’s a lot of hobnobbing that happens in the darkest corners of the cities and you never know who you might run into.