Create Your Million Dollar Look to Elevate Your Personal & Business Brand


Kara Allan

Personal Brand Development

Building a profitable personal brand is your doorway to freedom. Elevating your personal brand to design your brand requires a solid foundation. Now is the time to create that brand with clarity, confidence, and commitment. It starts with you.  Your image is your money maker. It can raise your visibility, grant you a promotion, or attract your soulmate. Decide what you desire and it will show up for you.  

Remove the confusion out of your wardrobe and create a brand gives delivers a clear consistent message to your audience. Branding is not limited to your logo or fonts.  Your foundation is built on your Mindset, Image, and Message. Creating a brand is your telling your story, showcasing your expertise, and cultivating your vibe which ultimately attracts your tribe. Reviewing and/ or developing your brand reveals how to inspire and reach others.

When you’re building your business and your personal brand there are many aspects to consider. It’s not only about style it’s about your whole essence. The goal is to elevate the experience of our clients so they can effortlessly express themselves through their mission and vision to create the momentum to maximize your intentions.

Work With Kara To…

  • Build a Wardrobe That You Love
  • Learn to Select Clothing That Accentuates Your Body Type
  • Become Visible, and Vocal with Your Vision
  • Discover Your Power Colors
  • Feel Confident in Your Appearance
  • Bring Joy & Fun Back Into Getting Dressed
  • Present a Powerful and Lasting First Impression

Style & Branding Services

  • Personal Style Branding – A Comprehensive Look Into Your Lifestyle, Closet, and Personality
  • Wardrobe Edits – Release Clothing That No Longer Expresses the Real You
  • Closet Organization – De-clutter Your Closet & Get Dressed With Ease
  • Personal Shopping – Select Clothes That Complement Your Personality and Lifestyle
  • Special Event Styling – Step Into Any Room and Captivate Your Audience
  • Group Shopping Trips – Have Fun Shopping with Friends!
  • Get Your Sexy Back Retreat – A 5 Day Makeover Retreat in South Beach Miami Florida That Will Change Your Life Forever

Beauty and Makeup/Photoshoots

  • Makeup Application and Lesson – Learn Makeup Application Techniques in Less than 20 Minutes
  • Glamour Parties – Enjoy Makeup Lessons with Friends!
  • Photoshoots – Styling

Corporate Image Consulting

Kara works with you to create a program to help your employees to become more effective through awareness, knowledge, and skills that create positive perceptions, impressions, and impact. We create Image consulting workshops for individuals and groups.

Topics include Designing a Business Casual Wardrobe, Decoding Appropriate Office Attire, Building a Business Wardrobe, Style, Branding & Image Development. Custom programs are available upon request. We also cover the following:

  • Corporate Dress Code Guidelines and Development
  • Wardrobe Consultations
  • Image Consulting Services
  • Style Workshops

Email or call 703-629-0605 today to get started. 

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