What’s Your Sweet Escape?

My favorite indulgence is a candlelit bubble bath while the soothing sounds of Maxwell flow through my bathroom.  As a mom, student, businesswomen I am crazy busy and running at full steam all the time.  At least once I week, I shoo the kids out, shut down my phone, and totally lose myself in the inviting waters of my bathtub for a half an hour or so.  I believe it’s essential to take time out for yourself to recharge so that you are more relaxed, less snappish, and ready to take on your next task with a renewed sense of calm.

Bubble Bath

My favorite brand of bubbles can be found at Ulta and it’s called 3  in 1 Smoothie.  It’s a shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath.  So make a date with yourself, turn off the phone, turn up your favorite playlist on iTunes and indulge!!

Let me know what’s your favorite Sweet Escape!

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