New Year, New Resolutions = New You?

New Year New You! Lose That Weight! Change Everything! Spend Lots of Money on Stuff!


Every year it’s the same thing.  When the year hits, people make resolutions, pledge to eat less, exercise more,  pledge to stop smoking, etc…

This year, try something different. Do something for yourself by doing something for others.  Accept that you are a human being; one that makes mistakes, one who is not perfect, but one who is deserving of love and compassion and that’s there are others out there who are the same.  Resolve to be you, but better.  Be kind, be patient, treat yourself and others with respect and consideration, instead of judgment and indifference.  We can’t possibly completely know another person’s story and the path they have been walking so go easy on others. Not try, do.  It takes 21 days to make a habit, here’s a list of things you can resolve to do this year:

          • Speak to the first 10 people you say in the morning whether you know them or not.
          • Offer change to someone who is digging around in their bag at the Starbucks/Grocery Store, etc.
          • Pick up a piece of trash that you didn’t throw on the ground.
          • Send a sick or grieving friend flowers.
          • Call and actually have a conversation instead of texting; I wanna hear your voice.
          • Take all those old clothes/coats/blankets you don’t use to the homeless shelter
          • Write your children/parents/friends handwritten letters to tell them how much you love them and what they mean to you
          • Pay the toll for the person behind you
          • Pay for someone else’s tab at a restaurant or bar, but do it anonymously
          • Offer to cook or send meals for a new mom/sick friend
          • Pray for the people in your life and even those that aren’t and for yourself
          • Find a cause that moves you and support it with your time and money
          • Speak highly of others and if you don’t have anything nice to say be quiet
          • Spend some quality time with a friend or relative that is ill and can’t get out, offer to help them out with some things
          • Disconnect from your phone/blackberry when having lunch/dinner with friends, turn off the ringer and put it away!
          • Say please and thank you and mean it!
          • Send handwritten thank yous!

Change starts small and it starts with you, one person at a time.  The cool thing is it’s contagious! Resolve to make every place better than how you found it.  Let’s make 2012 a better place for everyone.

Let me know what you do and what you see 🙂

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