5 Must Haves for Men

Guest Writer: Marian Ampofo

Hey Fellas,

Yup this one goes out to you. Can’t forget about my men that like to stay fashionable! You are just as important as the ladies. So what are the 5 hot must haves that every man needs in his closet. Well here they are:

  • 1. Ankle boots– Rachel Zoe says its the sexiest thing a guy could EVER wear
  • 2. Well fitting jeans– You typically don’t want something too tight that will cut off your circulation, Keep it classy not trashy
  • 3. A fitted, white cotton T-shirt –Because its basic and versatile. It can be paired with a leather jacket, a blazer, or just worn by itself. You can dress it up or down
  • 4. A Tailored suit- You want to wear a suit that looks like it was made just for you. You don’t have to spend a million bucks, but just get the right size and style
  • 5.  Accessories – Last but certainly not least, every man should have some type of accessory. Like a  scarf, sunglasses, a watch, a tie/bow tie and/or maybe a hat (if your into them) Sometimes that little addition can go along way from regular to extraordinary!

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Kara Allan

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