Let Me Help You Create a Wardrobe You Can’t Wait to Wear!



Hey Lovelies,

Let me ask you a quick question. When was the last time you walked into your closet and felt empowered about what you had to wear? I know sometimes I can’t remember either and I do this for a living. I was chatting about it with some friends the other day and they all said the same thing. “I have a closet full of clothes but I feel like I have nothing to wear”

I don’t want anyone to have to live like that.  It causes such anxiety and it drains your confidence knowing you are not empowered in what’s going in your closet. I know you hare frustrated and annoyed and I want to change that for you.

For this reason I am committed to helping women and men create a Wardrobe THEY CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR. I want you to know without a doubt that an outfit looks good on you so that you can put it on and forget that you’re wearing it. That way you can go through your day confident in whatever you are doing, not having how your clothes fit or don’t fit be a distraction to you.

Yes I am offering a FREE 30 minute consultation call so you can start the Fall season off right and go into the New Year feeling confident and secure about how you look and feel in your clothes.

You can visit https://calendly.com/karaallan or https://calendly.com/markjames my business partner.  Dates are limited so book as soon as possible to secure your spot. Trust me,  It’ll be the best thing you did for yourself.

Meanwhile here’s a few tips to get you thinking about getting your closet together.

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and it’s time to do a closet check. I know, I know, it’s takes forever but it’s necessary. Before you do anymore shopping you must take an inventory of what’s in your closet. You don’t wear what you can’t see. Soooo grab a snack, a friend to keep you accountable, a glass of your favorite beverage, whatever that may be (mine is champagne), put on a little music and let’s get to work!



Yes everything!  As I said before, you don’t wear what you don’t see. Literally take everything out of the closet. This exercise will get you present to what is available for you to wear and what you don’t have and where you need to fill in the holes.


The most important distinction about your clothing is DOES IT FIT. And by fit I don’t mean you have to grease yourself up to pull it up or lay down on the bed and suck all your breath in to zip it up, or give yourself a running start to jump into it. You cannot learn how clothes are supposed to fit if you don’t try them on BEFORE you buy them. If you don’t have time to try them on, DON’T BUY ANYTHING! Don’t assume you know your size because fit differs across designers, cuts and fabrics.

Ask yourself these three questions when you try on every piece of clothing

1: DOES IT FIT? If it doesn’t why not? Can it be tailored, shortened, nipped in, or pulled up. If not, LET IT GO


2:  IS IT RELEVANT? To the person I am today, to the position I’m currently in or the one I aspire to. To my personality and who I am TODAY not ten years ago. To the goals personally and professionally that I have right now.  If not, LET IT GO. You can’t dress the same when you were 20 as when you are 30 it just doesn’t work.


3.  DO I LOVE IT? You wear 20% of your closet 80% of the time. If an item is just ok, or it doesn’t light you up when you put it on, LET IT GO


One for the tailor, one for give away and one for consignment. Keep in mind that consignment usually only accepts designer items less than 2 years old that have been gently used. But on the bright side you do get a write off for donating clothes to the Goodwill, Purple Heart or whatever charity entity you choose.

Be ruthless in your decisions.  If it doesn’t fit the three question criteria it must go! Enlist your friend to help you a la Sex in the City like the girls helped Carrie clean her closet out.


Now understand that there are many entities out here that will tell you the top ten things you need in your closet. Many of those won’t speak to you as an individual. They know people love lists. But think about what you do on a Daily, Weekly, & Monthly basis.  Your wardrobe should support your lifestyle. If you work 9-5 versus someone who works from home, your wardrobe needs are going to be very different. Keep that in mind when writing your list and when you go shopping.


Keep it organized.  Make all your hangers uniform, I love Huggable Hangers have one piece of clothing on each hanger.  Get boxes or hooks to organize belts, scarves and other accessories.  The Container Store is awesome for the Do It Yourselfers out there or call Easy Closets or other closet organizers to get you together.

Well that’s all I have for you today my fashion friends. If you’re ready up your style game you can reach me on Kara@KaraAllan.com, visit the website KaraAllan.com or if you can’t wait to get started you can call me on 703-629-0605.  Thanks for letting me have a few minutes of your day, it was truly my pleasure.

P.S. Don’t forget about scheduling your FREE 30 minute Style Consultation.
You can visit https://calendly.com/karaallan or https://calendly.com/markjames. Do it now!

Kara Allan

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