Nails: Real or Fake

I am a big proponent of natural nails.  I have tried the gel fills and I don’t care for them.  There’s a lot of maintenance, expense and they just look fake.  I believe that every woman can have great nails, hair and skin.

The three of these features give a inside look at your health.  If you are not drinking enough water, getting enough sleep or eating well, it shows up in the these three areas.  Also, you can take a hair, skin and nails vitamin to help if you don’t eat enough veggies and protein.  I found a great one at target.

These are my nails.  I get a manicure maybe once a month or every other month.  Right now I have an American manicure because I think it looks better than the french on my fingers.  I have a french on my toes.  I used to do all the colors and designs and I did them myself, but I have found that simple works best for me.

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Kara Allan

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