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I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming designers, products, and services.  I found a gem when Kim Bloomberg asked me to join my Pinterest board.  I am such a fan of beautiful and delicate jewelry.

Kim pieces

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I love simple pieces that make statements which is exactly what Kim’s pieces are about. I had a little conversation with Kim about her great pieces and here’s what she said.

How did you get started?

I started glassblowing when I was 16 years old at Buck’s Rock Camp in New Milford, Connecticut.  I continued straight through college and then segued into glass bead making. I ended up with thousands of glass beads but did not know how to make jewelry.  I taught myself how to wire wrap beads to make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Glass blowing taught me that sometimes pieces don’t work out – colors might not harmonize and glass can break. There are times when it is necessary to persevere and start from square one to get it right.  I also learned that a beautiful piece can happen by accident. It is important to enjoy the process even if the end result isn’t what you want it to be. Many lessons were learned through glass blowing, but funny enough I don’t do anything with glass anymore.

What/Who are your inspirations?


I am inspired by nature; both in terms of the colors I see outside as well as the way nature is in a constant state of balance.


Originally, my Grandmother’s love of jewelry motivated me to begin designing, but today I have a lot of people who continue to motivate me. My family supports my love and appreciation for art both by encouraging me to do what I love and also through example. My husband is an accomplished saxophone player, my father a talented sculptor, my mother and brother are gifted writers and my grandfather started his life in America by building sets at Radio City Music Hall. I am continually inspired by my children and their instinct to create just for the pure pleasure that it brings to them. Creativity is in my blood and I am inspired by all of the people who continue to teach me that anything is possible with hard work, practice, and determination.

What’s your favorite piece?  That’s a tough question. I love the complicated pieces with the most vibrant stones most. If I had to pick a favorite piece today it would be “Bridge” earrings, but if you ask me tomorrow, my answer might change. Here they are: https://www.etsy.com/listing/156592239/london-blue-topaz-with-ethiopian-fire?ref=shop_home_active_3

 What’s the most challenging thing about your business? There are many challenges, but for me, it is the back office side of the business. I love creating and coming up with new ideas. It took me a long time to realize that my business wasn’t going to grow through osmosis or word of mouth, but that I would have to work at it through marketing, social media, and promotion. Once I got comfortable with putting my work out into the world, the business truly started to grow.

What’s the best thing about your business? The best thing about my business is that it belongs to me. My name is the brand and because my name is attached to it, I am committed to crafting the highest quality pieces that I feel reflect the vision I have for Kim Bloomberg Designs. It is also nice that I have the flexibility to be my own boss and make my own decisions for the future of my company.

What can we expect from Kim Bloomberg Designs in the future? I love this question. I have short term and long-term goals for my company. In the next twelve months, I plan to do my first wholesale trade show, get my work on the neck or ears of a celebrity, appearing in a national publication, and double my sales. Long term I hope to expand my collection through trunk shows at high-end retailers and for Kim Bloomberg Designs to be an internationally recognized brand of artistry. I’ve got to dream big, right?

Kim out together a few pieces just for me and I love how these pieces arrived at my door.



That’s all for today my lovelies. Do you have any jewelry designers you love?  Hip me up @KaraAllan on Twitter or Kara@KaraAllan.com.

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