My Own Makeover

Believe it or not, when I was young  I was a tomboy.  I climbed trees, ran through creeks, and played in the woods.  It wasn’t until I was a tween, that I really became interested in makeup and clothes.  In my late teens, I started working in retail and really began being interested in helping people to choose outfits that were flattering on them, not just making a sale. After I had my first child, I felt a little lost.  I had a little trouble getting back to my pre-baby weight and didn’t feel very pretty.

It wasn’t a fun feeling outside of myself.  Fashion and makeup didn’t seem to be an option for me as a mom.  After all isn’t your child supposed to be a priority?  But then, I realized that if I didn’t believe it was good for me to look and feel great about myself, what would I be passing on to my daughter?

I went back to work when Katana was 6 months old.  Slowly but surely my confidence began to return.  I had my second daughter two years later.  The spark was lit again.  I was evolving.  My beliefs about who I was as a mom and a woman were changing.  I realized I could be a glamourous mom without taking anything away from my children.

So here I am after my son when I was working with a personal trainer and had a tummy tuck. I work out at least 2-3 times a week and eat as well as I can since I am on the go a lot.  The transformation started on the inside.  When I fully believed it, my outside reflected my inner change.

So take heart moms. There is a diva inside that new body, that is just bursting to get out.  Give her permission to be free.

Kara Allan

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