Virtual Wardrobe Consult

Let’s Create a Wardrobe that Supports Your Lifestyle!


Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Getting dressed for work, events or casual time stresses you out
  • You have a closet full of clothes and no idea what to wear?
  • You have gained or lost weight and are holding onto pieces just in case you may fit into them again?
  • You have recently had children and don’t know how to dress your new body?
  • You have changed careers or received a promotion and need to up level your image?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, these consults will help you create a wardrobe you can’t wait to wear!

Virtual Wardrobe Walkthrough

With a Virtual Wardrobe Consult you will…


The 2-hour Wardrobe Walkthrough, including removing items that no longer fit,  a list of items to tailor, repair, and organization of your wardrobe, as well as a method to create or and/or enhance your personal style.

You will learn how to style your existing pieces and shop your closet for new outfits.

A shopping list with items to complete your wardrobe

A list of where to repair/tailor/donate/sell your clothing

A Style Kit to keep your wardrobe organized and prolong the life of your clothing.

The Virtual Wardrobe Consult will give you confidence and create a wardrobe you love!

Virtual Style & Color Consult


This consultation is a review of your style & color palette. We will connect virtually to discuss your current style, colors you wear or don’t, patterns, proportions, and body type.
You will be emailed a personalized Style Sheet and we will talk about your goals for wardrobe expansion, create a plan for a future Shopping Session including a shopping list based on your budget.
Once you book your session, you’ll send a few good photos so we get to see what your visual presentation is currently. We will create three ready-to-wear outfits including accessories from clothing in your closet. Next, you will fill out an extensive questionnaire to help us get to know you better.
Lastly, you’ll receive specific recommendations on what styles of clothes, accessories, and colors work best for your personality, body type, lifestyle, and budget.

The Virtual Style Consult will get you excited to get dressed every day!

Virtual Shopping Consult


This consultation will help you discover where to shop for the clothes that best fit your body, your lifestyle, and your budget! 
After we have a zoom call I will send you personalized recommendations on which stores/websites are your go-to shopping locations. 
This  will give you the: 
Ability to shop directly from the images sent and add to your wardrobe.
Confidence in shopping for yourself whenever you need and/want to.
Put the fun back in shopping and the joy back into getting dressed!





The Virtual Shopping Consult will help you choose only clothes you love!


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